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Award Winning Home Automation


EVS designs and installs Home Automation Systems and Smart Homes in southern Alberta.  At EVS we can integrate a wide variety of technologies including automated lighting, automated  shades, whole home audio, video distribution systems, structured wiring (pre-wiring), Wi-Fi, Networks, CCTV, video calibrations, home theaters and more!


We will build your smart home automation system around your lifestyle with direct feedback from you.  We'll listen to your smart home checklist and tailor your system just for you.  We'll use high quality, reliable components that will stand the test of time and ensure your smart home is the best it can be!


Want to control your smart home automation system from your couch or from around the world, EVS can help design and install the perfect smart home automation system for you and your family.


EVS is proud to compete against the best of the best throughout the world.  We spend countless hours consulting with clients, designing, installing and commissioning our systems to ensure they are world class.


Each install EVS completes is highly scrutinized to ensure that it not only meets our strict standards, it exceeds the client's expectations.


We have dedicated our company to enhancing our client's lifestyles through our easy to use systems.  This dedication has been acknowledged and highlighted in U.S. nation wide magazine publications as well as detailed in online articles by well known industry publishers.

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Over 13 years of experience ensures your project is perfect.


Customer Focused


EVS Smart Home Automation Systems' dedication extends beyond our installs and into our customer service.  We ensure to take the time to explain all aspects of the install allowing the clients to fully grasp their home automation systems.


From rack components, in-wall touch screens and remote controls.  We give a full overview of the components.


In addition to a comprehensive walk through at the time of completion, we follow up with the clients shortly after the installation is completed to ensure the system is performing as expected.  We review the lighting plans with the clients once they have time to live in the space and make any adjustments if necessary.

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Creating Pleasance

Relax in your favorite rooms.

Creating Perfect Rooms

Perfect solutions for every room.

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Creating Perfect Rooms


EVS spends countless hours designing and installing our equipment to the best practices to give you the most amazing rooms.  Our goals are to blend the technology into the rooms giving you the best of both worlds.


We want to make sure you can enjoy your home without always being reminded of the technology that is there.




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Home Automation, The Smart Way


What is an EVS Smart Home Automation System? Our Smart Home Automation Systems combine multiple services in your home into an easy to use system.  Control everything from a single remote control, touch screen or even from your phone/tablet.  The more services we can combine, the easier your home is to control, the more powerful the system is.


EVS Smart Home Automation Systems  are tailored for every install.  Each Smart Home Automation System will be carefully crafted to your lifestyle.  No two systems are identical making your home the best in the neighborhood.


Our Smart Home Automation systems are so easy to use, everyone in the family will be able to use it with ease!

Automation made simple

EVS designs each system to the highest standards.

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Automated Lighting


EVS Smart Home Automation Systems create beautiful lighting scenes for every area of your home.  With the press of a button, you can turn on multiple lights at once for dinner scenes or create relaxing environments while you sit and read your favorite books.


With EVS Smart Home Automation Systems never walk into a dark home again.  Simply turn on all your lights as you approach your home.  Easily turn off all the lights from bedside table.  Or with the press of a button, turn off all the lights as you leave your home.


With EVS Smart Home Automation Systems, we use the best lighting products to give you years of enjoyment.

beautiful lighting designs

Powerful lighting designs that are easy to control.

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Automated Shades


You've built a beautiful home, now let EVS help raise the bar even higher with automated shades.  Want help controlling the sun, heating your home in the morning, cooling it during the afternoon.  Automated shades not only help with heating/cooling, automated shades are a great way to add beauty to your amazing home and help block/filter the sun when you want to protect your art or furniture.


With a wide variety of styles, fabrics and design options, EVS can build the perfect window coverings for your home.  With the touch of button, you can open/close the automated shades in your new home.


We offer the best automated shades in the industry.  If you're looking for ultra quiet, reliable and lots of design options, contact EVS today!

Automated Shades

A shade for every occasion.

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Home Audio


Live your best life with your favorite music in every area of your home.  Whether it is waking up to your favorite music playing in the background to get you ready for your day.  Listening to your favorite radio station during the day.  Or choosing your favorite play list to fall asleep to, the choice is yours!


We want you to fall in love with music again.  From easy to use systems, to amazing sounding speakers, EVS can design your perfect Home Audio System.

Love Your Music Everywhere

Enjoy your favorite music in every area of your home.

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Internet on every device

Today's home need reliable wifi / networks to perform at their best.

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Wifi / Networks


Today's home need rock solid networks to ensure everyone has a great Internet experience.  EVS Smart Home Automation Systems can create powerful wifi / networks that will provide trouble free enjoyment.  Whether it's streaming your favorite movies, surfing the internet, playing the hottest video games or working from home.  EVS Smart Home Automation Systems can create high quality networks that will last!


EVS has decades of networking experience to ensure your home functions at its best.  EVS Smart Home Automation Systems use some of the best equipment in the industry to offer strong wifi signals throughout the home.

Home Theater


EVS Smart Home Automation Systems is passionate about home theaters!  Let us help design and build your own home theater, from large format TVs, projectors and surround sound we can create your dream theater.  EVS has a THX Certified Professional on staff for design and installation needs.


Whether you're looking for a multi-purpose theater/living area or a dedicated home theater space.  EVS Smart Home Automation Systems can bring that wow factor for your movie experience.  EVS Smart Home Automation Systems use some of the most recognized names in the industry to deliver the best customer experience.


All you need to do is, grab the remote control, sit back turn on the theater with the press of a button and let the theater automatically dim the lights as the movie starts.


Contact EVS Smart Home Automation Systems to get started.

enjoy Movies At home

Get the popcorn and snacks ready.

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Have Questions?


Feel free to contact us about questions for your upcoming project!

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